Insurances for Fixed Wing

CIBA´s experienced brokers provide exclusive services and experience within aviation insurance brokerage. Our team is located in Denmark and London.

Our professional, dedicated and passionate team provides proactive advices and customized solutions that suits your individual needs. We have well established relationships with Lloyds in London as well as other aviation insurers in Europe.

We have access to the highest quality and most exclusive products available on the market and we are ready to give you the best and most competitive quotes.

Helicopter and Off-shore

We understand the risk involved in helicopter operations. We are very close to our clients, we understand the daily operation and know every detail in order to eliminate the risk.

An extensive experience team in CIBA is dealing with special risk related to helicopter operations such as:

  • Offshore Oil/Gas platform
  • Long line heavy lift
  • Medical and ambulance services
  • Heli-Skiing
  • Maintenance for power line construction
  • Pulling wire and line
  • Flight training
  • Commercial flights and sightseeing operations

We represent all the major helicopter insurance underwriters and search the entire market to cover your risk at the best possible quote.

All our clients have access to the most efficient service set-up 24/7/365

Call us now - you have everything to gain.

Airport Insurance

Working with your aviation insurance professional, Ciba can customize our liability protection to match your operation and exposure – including any or all of these coverages. Either public as well as private airports:

  • Airport liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Buildings
  • Premises auto coverage
  • Deicing
  • Hangarkeepers
  • Maintenance

We have well established relationships with Lloyds in London as well as other Insurers in Europe.

Loss of Licence

If a pilot loses his medical, there are several things that can happen. First of all, the pilot shoud have a "loss of license” insurance, affording him or hers financial future.

Then there are many opportunities to be in the industry. Simulator instructor is very nearby and requires no medical. Jobs in the "operations department" HR for screening of new pilots, theory teaches airline or at a flight school inspector at aviation authority EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), to name just some.

In Ciba, we can offer insurance for both students and graduates pilots.

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