Your security

We consider it our foremost duty to ensure that your company has the necessary insurance program, with the sharpest coverage of the sharpest prices.

Competent and specialized brokers in CIBA take over the great responsibility for your business. We provide insight and clarity and advise you on all relevant coverages - tailored to your business.
We handle complex insurance solutions for companies both nationally and internationally. The starting point is always our experience, our expertise and our network, which is a condition to define the best solution at the lowest price.

We communicate everything in a plain language, and we ensure you proactive monitoring and service. This allows you and your business to feel confident always to be properly and sufficient insured, without business hazards hanging like dark clouds over the daily operations.

You must spend Your time to produce results, so we ensure that you do not have to spend valuable time and unnecessary worries on the company's insurance program.

We make your company's risk analysis, we are responsible for all administration and assist you in case of damage. We bring it all together in one agreement, one place, with one point of contact - your competent and specialized broker in CIBA.